How does the jam operate?


People come to the jam to listen, play, talk, and dance. It is a music social that encourages the members of ASA to interact intimately in a different environment that transcends the meetings’ committees and lectures. New worldwide friends are made across disciplines and academic standing.


To play music, you can sign up before on site or when you arrive, and you may bring an instrument, although certain instruments will be provided (see below).





Q: Is there a list of songs and keys that might be at the jam?

A: For things like rock, blues, and jazz, yes. There are some go-to songs that are played more often- you can find some lists on the site or songs being discussed on the site-chat. Participation in the jam is not limited to these genres.


Q: What if my song is not on the list? What if my genre is not on the list?

A: No problem. If you can post to the site chat about a song or genre and get a couple people to work up a song(s) with you, great! It is also advisable to bring a few charts of the song(s), that way everybody playing is on the same page. We can field different genres at the event based on our people resources. Some folks will work up a piece with a friend ahead- this goes for any music- classical, opera, songwriter, Afro-cuban jazz, etc.


Q: How long does it take to play?

A: It varies- if you are there early, it helps some. A list is created of people who are at the jam, their instrument(s) of choice, and genres in their comfort zone. As a genre is being played, players are rotated on and off the stage to give everyone a chance to play. Also people of a similar genre may be put together in the audience to work out a few things ahead, to simplify and maximize playing time on stage.   BE PATIENT. CHECK IN WITH THE JAM ORGANIZER.


Q: What instruments are available?

A: Our backline includes a drumkit, a couple electric guitars, an electric piano, an electric bass, microphones, and a handful of other inputs. If you bring your own instrument, we can figure out a way to get it in the system, or turn off the system to have your music heard.


Q: Can I play solo? Duet?

A: Yes!


Q: Can I bring original music?

A: Yes!


Q: Is it loud?

A: While the room and sound system changes at each location, we make an effort to keep sound levels at a reasonable level.