We always welcome all musicians at jams! If you have music you want to play by yourself or a group you have organized, please let us know at the jam, and we will fit you in. If you would like to play some rock/pop/jazz with whomever on whatever songs, let us know and we will be rotating people in and out so that everyone has a chance to play. Other impromptu band styles may or may not be feasible – feel free to ask, but understand that we are not all musical wizards who can play everything! Keyboard, guitar, bass, drums, and microphones for singing/other instruments will be available; other instruments are pending on individuals to bring them and know how to play them.

If you have song suggestions for the impromptu band to play, also let us know! You will have the best chance of having those songs played if you can sing and lead it instrumentally yourself or find someone else who can with you. If others know the song, they may join in, but to help those who don’t, chord sheets are strongly recommended. Otherwise the song will need a simple enough form and chord progression for you to very quickly explain to the other musicians. Also keep in mind the instrumentation mentioned above; while horn players and other instrument players may be available, there is no guarantee that someone will be able to play your song.

If you let us know what songs you would like to play/hear from the impromptu band in the comments here, others may be able to learn the basics of the song ahead of time. We STRONGLY encourage uploading files of chords/lyrics on this page or including links of audio/video/lyrics/chords. See the playlist page for examples of what to provide.

Remember, simple is best for jams. If you have a song you believe would fit, let us know in the comments below!